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Friday, April 19, 2013

Making a Marvel Comic book Cover

Wolverine Costume Variant cover for Marvel. A few months back Marvel asked me if I was interested in doing another variant cover for them. I did an Iron Man one before and I was looking for another shot at a cover. What's that you say? It would feature Wolverine? WOULD I?!

They were planning on doing a set of covers to feature the life and times of our favorite adamantium enhanced mutant. I immediately zeroed in on the Patch persona. Why? I had not read those stories that was set in Madripoor so I had no attachment to it. What did it was the look. I am a big fan of the paperback covers of Robert McGinnis and Mitchell Hooks. This was a chance to try my hand at it.

A quick round of thumbnails first. I find that I solve big design problems right off that way. Once I had the ideas narrowed down I test it again in color. These thumbnails are about an inch wide. It keeps me from noodling. I did two versions though I thought I liked the first one already. I just had to make sure that I'd be happy to do either version regardless. Marvel liked the one I wanted. Yeah! That starts another round of prep and solving design problems. That's for the next post.

I mocked up the image against a Wolverine banner just to see what clearance I needed for the banner, whatever book the cover might appear in. Marvel didn't know at the time. Now we know It's for Uncanny X-men #7. Lucky! Love that book.

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Blogger Michael Yates said...

Whoa really digging this! I love the style and cant wait to see the final.

I recently came upon your your batman black and white contribution and cant stop looking at it! Great stuff

11:01 PM

Anonymous Charlie said...

Great illustration Ronnie.

Thanks for showing us your process. Really interesting. Can't wait to see the finished result!

7:27 AM

Blogger Ronnie said...

Thanks, Michael. I remember making those pages so long ago, when we just moved into the Bay area to work for Pixar. Surrounded by boxes and cramped in a small, unheated home office. I had a blast drawing those pages. Paul Dini's story was fun to begin with and he always let me do whatever I want.

Charlie, I hope you like the way it turned out. It's all a mind set. Mostly training to think and experience your choices. It helps me stay on target. I can do better next time out now that I've learned from making this cover.

8:08 PM

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